Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome to our virtual world

More and more people are linked online.  More and more people make friends all over the world from their office, lounge, living room and in my case from my office . Our physical reality is  gradually merging with another dimension.  The dimension of Cyberspace.
virtual shopping
What will the future hold for all of us? I share my daily experiences through my blog ; End Of Times.
I also write for websites like Bubblews, Hubpages and Wikinut, but since last year ( October 2014 ) I have discovered Redbubble and Zazzle and later Society6

It's great fun to set up your own online shop on Zazzle - Redbubble or Society6
By using this blog I can promote some of my favorite or newest products. If any readers who happen to come across my blog and he or she knows about Zazzle - Redbubble or Society6  please leave a comment, or share your online shop link with me, and I will visit your store.

The 5 links under my banner takes you to my individual stores. Visit Nadine May's profile on Pinterest.
See other gifts available on Zazzle.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.
These are some of my Featured products

A Throw Pillow about Cape Town
A Throw Pillow about Cape Town by Just_Kidding
View Messager Pillows online at zazzle

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